Monday, January 11, 2010

What is a Hodag you say?

A Hodag is just the fiercest, strangest, most frightening monster to ever set razor sharp claws on this earth, that's all.
It's wicked looking tusks hung from it't vice like jaws.
The claws on it's short, muscular fore and hind legs were long and needle-sharp.

So, at this point, the internet world is wondering where I thought up this ferocious creature. But I didn't think it up. Rhinelander Wisconsin, nestled in the "Worlds most concentrated lake region" in the northern area of the great cheese head state of Wisconsin thought of it. Actually a brave man in 1896 thought of it.

Now people are wondering why I went Hodag hunting with my dad three days before Christmas. My dad grew up in this bustling city of three stop lights and my grandmother still resides in the same house my dad was brought home to 60 years ago. Now you know what a hodag is, life will never be the same.
While in Rhinelander we also go to see the Green Bay Packers house. They are the most loyalist of loyal people to their team.
I also got to feed chic-a-dees from my hand on my grandmothers back porch.

And in true northern Wisconsin tradition my dad shot red squirrels because they were nocking over the bird feeders.
So after Christmas, I came home to find an ice covered Green River. Some spots are slightly scary now, maybe just because ice is almost an unknown for this region of the beautiful southeast. This is looking back upstream from hiking around Gorilla, yes, I walked around Gorilla, due to the tightening Notch.....

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