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2012 was a year of firsts for me. I had a lot change in my life in the year that the world was supposed to end. This blog is not so much about my "rad" kayaking but it is about me and people learning about my  interesting journey through life. 

I started the 2012 year with my final semester of Paramedic school at AB Tech in Asheville NC. My life was pretty busy trying to keep my grades up and making sure that I graduate. My first five months of the year consisted of books, studying, and dreaming of kayaking. 
My family at Graduation
So I finally graduated with an AAS with an emphasis on Emergency Medicine. That was a first. 
Evelyn Nine Volt and I
 Another first for me this year has been the excitement of watching Corey and Jessica Volts' first child grow up. She is the first child that a very close friend of mine has had and Snowy and I have had the joy of watching her grow up over the last year.
Space Godzilla in the composite boat
I drove to Buena Vista Colorado shortly after graduation and I had my FIRST composite play boat from  Liquid Logic. I'm not sure if anyone noticed I also changed my first sponsor ever. I have been kayaking for Immersion Research for 6 years and I decided, after a long deliberation process, to move to Kokatat. It was really hard for me to leave IR and they have been great to me through the years but Kokatat made me an offer that I could not refuse. 
Training for the race


 This year I also had a bit of an "opposite year". I won my first ever Pro Rodeo at the BV rodeo, I beat out the current World Champion and the past World Champion. That was a pretty impressive moment for me.

Little did I know, a week later, I would be pinned during my race at Homestake Creek, the race that I won by 17 seconds the year before. In my six year racing career, I have rarely had a pin or even a little hiccup. This made me learn a lot about myself.

On the Saturday of the Teva Games I had to drive straight home because I was starting a new job with Greenville County EMS on monday.
First Descents
I also had the honor to help out with a First Descents camp over the summer that was based at the NOC. I had more fun kayaking on class two rivers with this amazing group of people than I think I had ever had before!! This program was the First Descents Rocks program, they were the caregivers of the cancer survivors. The stories and the hardships that all of them had been through brought me a new light to my life. When I am having a hard time I think about that week of my life and it always brings a huge smile to my face. "Call Me Maybe"!!!!
Like a little kid
 Snowy and I went to Skook this summer also. On the way up we found this random dude and he gave me a ride on his dirt bike. That is the first time I have ever ridden a dirt bike... tandem!!!

My dad and sister
My sister, dad and I try to go on a trip together every year. This year we decided to go to Cedar Point for a day and then up to Michigan to see my Grandmother. It was pretty much the best outing that the three of us could of had!! My sister and I drug around my 62 year old father for 12 hours of roller coaster riding and running around the park.  
Windy Lake Superior
This year I also got the honor to go to the Ladies of the Lake program that was on Lake Superior this year. It is a sea kayaking symposium for women to learn about sea kayaking and its many activities! I was the invited speaker at the symposium and it was amazing talking to women about kayaking and what scares or drives them. 

There is a little blip into my life, past kayaking, that I have. There is so much more to show though! Thanks so much for reading and following my alternative lifestyle. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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