Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jerrys Baddle 2013

Direct Sunshine at 200%. That is FAST!!
Photo by:Shane Benedict
 Welcome to my blog about Jerrys Baddle! This was my fourth year doing the Baddle, the third time doing it all on my own, the 5 mile paddle down the whole Green River and the 26 mile road bike ride climbing over 4000 feet. The race is a fundraiser for the research of ALS and over the last six years has raised over $50,000 for ALS research. Not only is it a very painful race, but at the end I feel great about what I have done with my entry fee. 
Hammer Factor 200%
Photo by:Christine Boush
 This year, it rained the day before the race and no one was sure what the level would be on the Green. Everyone had to play it by feel the whole race and only three people ended up running Gorilla and I was not one of them! This was the first year that I have ever taken the time to walk around Gorilla and put my foot on the Jerry plaque, I felt it very fitting.

This year, I also got the joy of riding the road ride with Shannon Christy before the race and she was killing it!! I was borrowing a bike from Anna Levesque, what is the saying.... "it takes a village"? Its true with regards to me. 

Finally done with the 26 miles.
Photo by Christine Boush
 The paddle for me was great and it went by without a glitch, I even passed some people on the river. The bike was a different story. It started with the switchbacks and I stayed in my first gear for over three miles. I was already hurting trying to push up the hill. I got to Saluda and got passed by three people on the Saluda loop, that was rough. I was crashing. Coming down into Holbert Cove road I was almost out of water and I almost threw up the one Shock Block that I had eaten. I caught up with a guy from the Asheville Ale Trail and was on his butt for the next 12 miles, we switched places multiple times and I was hurting so bad but I am way to stubborn to back down. 

So happy its over
Photo by Shane Benedict
I passed another 4 people before the end of the road ride and I started hauling butt to the finish. The last three miles I averaged over 20 miles an hour. I was pushing hard. I had dropped the guy from the Asheville Ale Trail and I had passed a kid from Clemson who is a really good downhill mountain bike racer. At the end of the race I was stoked for it to be over and I knew that I had gone really fast. My back seized up and I ended up spending the next 45 minutes stretching on my yoga mat in the grass, tanning. All in all, my race was great. 
My best friend Shannon Christy
Shannon Christy took second in the race right behind me, on my coat tails!! We were both so happy to have the race done with and it was time to celebrate!!!

Here are the results for the solo times, I ended up 12th overall and I was super happy with that standing. I had my best time by over 5 minutes! 

I went play boating at the NOC the day after the race to train for US Team Trials in freestyle, then headed home and worked 48 hours at Greenville County EMS just to head back to the NOC today (wednesday AM). It has been a big week and I am more than ecstatic to be here with everyone getting ready for Team Trials. 

Wish me luck!! Check back in very soon for Team Trials results!! 

Also if you get the chance; don't forget about the fundraiser I am doing for First Descents, I will be shaving my head in Vail Colorado and donating the 20 inches to Locks of Love. 
Check it out!!

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