Friday, April 4, 2014

Where have I been??!!

In the cloud forest, raining really hard with 50 MPH winds!!
Some people know, after the Green Race I kind of fall off the planet of paddling for a little while. I paddled so much in 2013 training for Worlds and then straight into the Green Race, I was pretty ready for a break!! For the third year in a row my amazing boyfriend and I went to Costa Rica for a month. We traveled up to Managua, Nicaragua for something new to see. The boarder crossing was a bit funny but we made it. 

One of the many volcanoes around Nicaragua
 So, we made it to Costa Rica and my mom and her boyfriend came to visit this year! It was awesome having then with us and we took a few day adventure back to Rincon De La Vieja. We did a mud bath, zip line, 450 meter water slide, and horse back ride in the jungle! Action packed days here. 
Mom and Ken
Mud bath!!
Back on the beach with Tony and Teri 
We primarily stay in Nosara while in Costa Rica. It is an amazing area of the country and the beach is perfect for surfing or just sun bathing. The days there consist of surfing at 5 am, eating breakfast at 8, napping at 10, adult beverage at 12, nap at 2, surf at 4, dinner at 6, bed at 9. Rough days.  
Shannon was with me every day!!
Its always hard for Snowy and I to come home after being there for a month. Snowy came home on the day the polar vortex hit so he was pretty bummed. I, sadly, missed out on the polar vortex and got an extra 2 days in the tropics! But, alas, we all have to come home to reality at some point. 

 Well, I started school again this semester. Microbiology and a few other classes. Between class, work, trying to be a housewife, and attempting to stay in shape, I was a bit busy. But, it made the winter go by quickly. As it was everywhere, it was cold and really snowy for the south!!

Saving lives, making a difference. (note the snow, in SC!)
For three months, my life consisted of all things "normal". Work, school, and no play. This also means no kayaking for me, which is a big deal when I compete against people who paddle year round.  
Slaloming and freestyle at the NOC
Thankfully, it started warming up and I got motivated to go paddle again. The NOC was cold but all of my friends were there so we were all stoked to be back together after a long winter apart. I reunited with my 5x5 comrade, Haley Mills and we were happier than clams to be back together.  
US Slalom Team Trials at the USNWC
Last weekend I went to the Charlotte USNWC and competed in the US Slalom Team Trials. I have wanted to compete in this event for a long time and I finally committed to doing it. I had a very good time and I could feel my runs getting better as the weekend went on, faster and faster every day. I ended up 4th overall, one spot out of the team but I am so happy that I went and it only made me stronger!!

As the Whitewater Grand Prix looms over some of our heads, I am trying to get as strong as I can and get some more time in my kayak. All in all, barring the cold slightly long winter, it has been a great one. I am so thankful that it is 80 degrees outside now!!

Its true. 

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