Monday, December 14, 2009

A Short History

Welcome!! To Adrienes wonderful world of TREATS! Until the world enters a new era of 2010 I will be serving up a plethora of posts. They are going to range from my childhood....only the good parts. My high school.. only from when I was at World Class Kayak Academy, and what I do now... only the fun parts though.
My junior and senior year of High School I was fortunate enough to get out of the vortex of Forest Hills Central High School in Grand Rapids Michigan and go to World Class Kayak Academy. We traveled to Africa my first semester, Ecuador my second, New Zealand my third, and Chile my fourth.
Opposed to contrary belief we sometimes did school, even if my pre-calc teacher wore shirts like this to class...
Or no short at all. Alas, we made it through classes and morning workout every morning and we got to go kayaking.
Sometimes we got to watch the beat down and sometime we were the show. Just depended on what day it was. Having 14 high school students on a river, one of them at least has to get worked for a bit. Palguin River, Chile
We did study even if it was outside, on a bench, looking out over the valley in Pucon with Volcan Villa Rica in the distance, always smoldering.
It was no different in New Zealand, just a little bit colder on some of the days. But who can complain when physics class is on a picnic table and Red Bull is supplied.
There was always kayaking to be done though. Thats what we were all thinking about when we were in class. Siete Tazas, Chile
My senior year crew in Chile outside of Kayak Pucon in Pucon...
But sadly, the dream always has to come to an end just as the day ends every night. But at that point the night starts and that is even more fun!
So I graduated from World Class in the Spring of 2006. I got my diploma and was home free.... only to be taught later the real world is a lot harder than the vacation of World Class.

Keep checkin back, another post soon!!!
Happy Holidays

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