Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow in the Southeast!!!

Howdy people of the internet world. Tater and Biscuit say hello too. A few weeks back Flat Rock North Carolina and much of the western North Carolina area was blasted by a massive snow storm. So Shane and I thought.... it snowed... so.... lets go kayaking!!!!
The happy family sitting in front of the house, slightly christmas card esq eh? Shane and the dogs had a great time in the snow.
All of the boats got buried....
Even thought Yonton doesn't boat much he is still much remembered, boofing into those sweet chains that Shane put on the Sprinter van. I couldn't give him any crap for that because I couldn't even get my Subaru up the hill....
On the way to the river. Glad it was all downhill... literally. So since the road to the takeout was not about to get plowed very quick we decided to try to run the Green anyways. We couldn't get to the put-in off of Upward road because there was a jackknifed tractor trailer blocking the whole road. So luckily Shane and I live a few miles away from the upper run, right by Bayless Boof. So we ended up hooking up with some other folks at the gas station who needed to figure out a way to get to the river too. We could help them and they helped us. We left cars at Green River Adventures and rolled back to the house.
Shane waiting at the top of a very snowy Frankenstein.
After watching Shane battle with the snow while portaging around Gorilla I opted to run it.. I am a lot more smooth on the water than I am on land.
Thanks for the photos Dave. They turned out really well!!!!
If you want to see the rest of my Gorilla run feel free to get onto the Liquid Logic site and watch a good beat down in the Scream Machine hole.
I think there is some snow on the ground
Shane styling Sunshine as he always does.
We left the boats at the bottom in respectable areas and hiked up the 17 switchbacks to the top of the mountain. Thanks to the Smokin Hot Shuttle Bunny, Holly, the hike went very well because she had hiked down the hill with Vodka and cranberry juice. Note the broken paddle in the front....
I am no pro, but Im pretty sure that paddles are not supposed to look like that.
Holly had bought these boots at the beginning of the day and hiked down the mountain just to hike back up with all of us in toe. She is the best and if you ever see her feel free to say hi and maybe you will get lucky and she will make you a drink from her ever ready bar in the back of her shuttle-mobile.

So happy holidays to all and I hope that everyone has a great 2010. Remember every year life can only get better, with more wisdom comes more shenanegans!!!!

Hope everyone is staying warm in their respectable areas and paddling in the snow!!!

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